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Accept that artificial intelligence (AI) will change your life and your job — dramatically.

Learn the difference between AI, machine learning, robots, bots, IoT, and simple automation — and you learn as much as you can about each of them. (You avoid “AIwashing” — simply using the term because it sounds cool and tech-y.)

Gain the insights and skills you need to stay smart & engaged in an AI-powered world. Many jobs will become obsolete. Others will become more central and critical to an organization’s success. Be among those humans who prosper!


Accept that artificial intelligence (AI) will change your life and your job — dramatically.

Here you’ll find trends & insights about AI and how it will change almost every industry and how companies — big and small — are applying it to work and grow faster, smarter, and more efficiently.Thankfully it can help them get closer to their prospects and customers).

And you’ll find some fun stuff too — because humans have senses of humor. (Machines — NOT so much!)

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Here you’ll find trends & insights about AI and how it will change almost every industry and how companies — big and small —


Captain Kirk

MEET CAPTAIN KIRK (James T. Kirk) WHY? Yes...we really mean THAT Captain Kirk...from the original Star Trek. In 1968 an episode called "The Ultimate Computer" aired. The M-5 system was designed to handle all ship functions without human assistance, not unlike the...

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MEET PEPPER WHY? Pepper the Robot (no gender specified) seems to be all over, having lived in Japanese homes and greeted customers at Pizza Hut and a hospital in Belgium. Pepper also hung out and danced with attendees at this year’s Collision Conference in New Orleans...

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Mark Cuban

MEET MARK CUBAN WHY? This billionaire “Shark” and Dallas Mavericks owner is putting his money where the machines are. At SXSW this year he predicted, “The world’s first trillionaire will be an AI entrepreneur.” He recently invested in Twitter because he was impressed...

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Ginni Rometty

MEET GINNI ROMETTY WHY? Behind every great machine, there’s a great man or -- in some cases --  woman. The first woman Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, Rometty has turned the core focus of the company to cognitive computing, leading the charge to get Watson ready...

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Elon Musk

MEET ELON MUSK WHY? Just this month, Elon caused a uproar with what even Mark Zuckerberg has called “doomsday” predictions about AI, saying “There certainly will be job disruption. Because what's going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than...

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Yi Zhang

MEET YI ZHANG WHY? Yi, a professor at University of California, Santa Cruz, understands the importance of AI in today’s world. She is one of the minds behind Rulai, a Silicon Valley company that helps businesses easily build and design chatbots. The company was...

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MEET WATSON WHY? Many of us just know Watson as the winner of Jeopardy. “Born” in 2004, the smart machine was the successor to Deep Blue who was a chess-playing champ. But Watson isn’t all just fun and games. Its capabilities extend to sifting through huge amounts of...

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Richard Socher

MEET RICHARD SOCHER WHY? Forbes recently profiled Socher, the Chief Scientist at Salesforce, as an emerging leader in AI and deep learning. Rather than pursuing an academic career, he put his real intelligence to good use, working with Salesforce on developing...

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Jana Eggers

MEET JANA EGGERS WHY? Jana is the CEO of Nara Logics, a company working to use AI to help companies make better decisions. In addition to this groundbreaking work, Jana also speaks often about the importance of AI and what people and companies need to do to be ready...

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MEET SALLY WHY? Making a salad has never been easier. Sally the Salad Robot is one of the latest innovations in the food service industry, and with a few taps on a screen will make a salad. It isn’t hard to picture Sally - as well as similar robots - showing up all...

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The ability of machines to behave like intelligent humans, including visual perception, speech recognition and translation, and evolving, iterative and contextual decision-making.


Any machine that can perform a complex — often physical — task. They come in many shapes and sizes. This is our favorite overview of robot types.

Machine Learning:

A type of AI, it enables computers to learn, often through human-
controlling algorithms and APIs. Machines detect patterns and adjust themselves accordingly. Their “thoughts” and ensuing “actions” are essentially programmed.

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