If you’re trying to make Airbnb a better all-around experience, with better host/guest matches, what do you do? Increase the company’s use of artificial intelligence. Mike Curtis, VP Engineering at Airbnb, recognizes the importance of AI in the hospitality industry and has been at the forefront of driving the company’s use of this up-and-coming technology. Machine learning allows Airbnb to learn more about you as a guest and personalize search results based on that information to provide the best experience possible.

Curtis recognizes the importance of how the tech affects consumers in the real world. As he recently explained,

“When you think about it, all of the technology that we’ve built, all the online tools, everything else — none of that is actually the real product. The real product is out in the world, human interaction in the physical world, and everything that we do in technology and online is to facilitate more great offline experiences and connections between people. It’s amazingly cool, and it gets better all the time.”


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