Month: November 2017


MEET ALEXA WHY? Yes, we all know Alexa (the voice service that comes with the Amazon Echo). But any group of people and bots at the forefront of intelligent technology would be incomplete without mentioning the small, easy-to-use device that is transforming how we live our lives at home. By just addressing the device by name, you can do all kinds of things, from playing music and ordering a new bag to learning some interesting facts and getting an update on your favorite sports teams. For such a small device, the Echo and Alexa can do a whole lot,...

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Eli Campo

MEET ELI CAMPO WHY? Airlines and customer service (or lack thereof) have been in the news quite a lot this year – and most of that press hasn’t been good…at all. Eli Campo, head of AI-based self-service solutions company Nanorep, sees artificial intelligence and chatbots as the key to fixing these customer service issues that so many airlines have. Nanorep already has its foot in other areas of the travel industry with its AI and natural language processing chatbots and virtual assistants, and Campo is working towards bringing that technology to the air travel industry. With instant responses and...

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Joanna Geraghty

MEET JOANNA GERAGHTY WHY? Facial recognition technology – in place of passports and boarding passes – is making landfall in the U.S. in a major way. Joanna Geraghty, JetBlue’s Executive Vice President for Customer Experience, is helping to leverage this AI-based technology to improve the travel experience as well as customer relations. JetBlue is trying to make boarding simpler and less of a hassle through its facial recognition program, launched earlier this year for flights from Boston to Aruba. No more digging around through a bag searching for your documents, panicking because you’re holding up a line? Sounds good...

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David Marcus

MEET DAVID MARCUS WHY? It’s what we all want: less complication and less anxiety with air travel. Being able to check and change flights, have a boarding pass readily available, get help, and more on an app we’re already familiar with almost sounds too good to be true, but David Marcus, Head of Messenger at Facebook, is making it a reality. Marcus has been a key player in pivoting Facebook Messenger from a simple chatting platform to something more, starting with a partnership with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. KLM on Messenger allows passengers to have easier access to all...

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Russell Weiner

MEET RUSSELL WEINER WHY? Picture it: you order a pizza, but instead of it being delivered to you by a delivery person, a car – sans driver – just shows up with your pizza. This is the vision Russell Weiner, USA President of Domino’s, has for the future of his company. Currently being tested in a small environment to see how consumers will react, Domino’s has teamed with Ford to bring self-driving cars (featuring “Heatwave Compartments” to keep the pizza warm) to the pizza delivery experience. This will undoubtedly completely change the way people order pizza, which is Weiner’s...

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