Concierge chatbots are all the rage in hospitality AI right now. In May 2016 Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels, in London, launched Edward, a text-based guest service chatbot. Edward can understand inquiries, respond to questions, and even help guests before they arrive at the hotel. Similar to Rose, Edward is backed by a team of human hotel staff members to assist when he can’t. Edward can help with everything, from requests for more towels to restaurant information. Edward is part of a larger push by both Edwardian Hotels and many other hotel brands to enhance and better customer experience through new and exciting technology, much of which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning.

According to SVP and Chief Customer Strategy Officer, Joe Gagnon,

“Texting and messaging will very soon become the simple and central entry point for the entire customer service ecosystem, since it’s quick, private and easy to use. It’s already a part of most smartphone owners’ everyday lives; it is much more convenient for us to order room service, or get recommendations from Edward on the local tourist hotspots – all with a simple text.”


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