If you travel a lot for business, you know how difficult and frustrating the logistics can get. Paul English saw that, and saw how much artificial intelligence combined with human ingenuity could help, and Lola was born. A co-founder of Kayak, English founded Lola “to explore the possibilities for real human-and-AI-driven service in travel.” Lola is geared toward “road warriors,” the business travelers who are constantly on the move and constantly wishing for some help and guidance in planning their trips. With AI to help plan, book, and manage trips, and full human staff standing by to help when things go wrong, English is successfully integrating both AI and humans to do what we all want: make travel easier and less of a hassle.

With the release of the most recent Lola update, English said:

“You should be able to do a search and click on the first result and buy it without any of the agony of doing analysis paralysis. If the [artificial intelligence] knows you well, it’s going to pick you the best flight and the best hotel.”


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