What’s better than being a frontrunner in new technology? Working with a team to make that technology revolutionary. Three major automobile companies have come together to form the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, headed by Carlos Ghosn, with the goal of increasing electric cars and developing autonomous vehicles for both commercial use as well as ride-hailing. Yes, you read that right: self-driving taxis might be a whole lot closer than you thought! Ghosn’s vision for what the Alliance can accomplish shows where so much of the car industry is heading: new tech that leverages artificial intelligence to bring the industry to the next level.


In Ghosn’s words,

“This is going to develop mainly for commercial users. There is a lot of demand for many companies like Uber or others. And we intend to compete, because in a certain way, we are able to have the technology allowing the car without the driver.”


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