Airlines and customer service (or lack thereof) have been in the news quite a lot this year – and most of that press hasn’t been good…at all. Eli Campo, head of AI-based self-service solutions company Nanorep, sees artificial intelligence and chatbots as the key to fixing these customer service issues that so many airlines have. Nanorep already has its foot in other areas of the travel industry with its AI and natural language processing chatbots and virtual assistants, and Campo is working towards bringing that technology to the air travel industry. With instant responses and convenience of the service, it’s almost a no-brainer for airlines to start incorporating bots into their customer service initiatives.


In Campo’s words,

“Airlines should be the next travel business looking to AI technology to better serve travelers. Artificial intelligence-backed chatbots will help airlines to avoid the next big social media firestorm and customer backlash.”


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