Month: November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Embrace the Machine! We are so grateful for you and for the awesome people and machines changing so many different industries.   Have a wonderful, safe holiday!   Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more of our 2017 Travel Intelligentsia! If you’d like to be featured, please complete this form no later than December 15th,...

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Carlos Ghosn

MEET CARLOS GHOSN WHY? What’s better than being a frontrunner in new technology? Working with a team to make that technology revolutionary. Three major automobile companies have come together to form the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, headed by Carlos Ghosn, with the goal of increasing electric cars and developing autonomous vehicles for both commercial use as well as ride-hailing. Yes, you read that right: self-driving taxis might be a whole lot closer than you thought! Ghosn’s vision for what the Alliance can accomplish shows where so much of the car industry is heading: new tech that leverages artificial intelligence to bring...

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Young Sohn

MEET YOUNG SOHN WHY? Autonomous driving has been a hot topic for a while, and now Samsung is getting in the game. Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategic Officer at Samsung Electronics, is working to position Samsung as a leader in building the future of autonomous vehicles. With a new section of the company devoted to developing automotive technology in addition to a multi-million dollar fund to invest in startups in the field, Samsung is joining the automotive with an eye toward developing autonomous driving technology.   In Sohn’s words, “During this period of extraordinary transformation in the automotive...

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MEET STAN WHY? We all know how frustrating and dangerous parking garages can be. Stanley Robotics is here to fix that with Stan, the world’s first parking robot designed to take the people out of parking. Like a personal valet, Stan carefully moves and parks cars, analyzing the car’s size to park it correctly and avoid damage. This is one job I don’t think anyone will mind giving over to a robot! How does Stan work? Check it out:   Are you an AI or machine learning game-changer in the travel and hospitality industry? Please complete this form no later than...

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MEET SAM WHY? Imagine having a travel agent who lives in your pocket. That’s Sam, a 24/7 personal pocket travel assistant from FCM Travel Solutions. Sam learns all about you, and uses that information to organize and send you the information you need to plan a trip. Sam is “on,” constantly, all the time, so you never have to worry about missing or forgetting something – Sam will catch it. Eventually, Sam can even send restaurant suggestions or recommendations of things to do, once it gets to know you better.   See Sam in action: Are you an AI...

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