Month: November 2017

Paul English

MEET PAUL ENGLISH WHY? If you travel a lot for business, you know how difficult and frustrating the logistics can get. Paul English saw that, and saw how much artificial intelligence combined with human ingenuity could help, and Lola was born. A co-founder of Kayak, English founded Lola “to explore the possibilities for real human-and-AI-driven service in travel.” Lola is geared toward “road warriors,” the business travelers who are constantly on the move and constantly wishing for some help and guidance in planning their trips. With AI to help plan, book, and manage trips, and full human staff standing...

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MEET EDWARD WHY? Concierge chatbots are all the rage in hospitality AI right now. In May 2016 Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels, in London, launched Edward, a text-based guest service chatbot. Edward can understand inquiries, respond to questions, and even help guests before they arrive at the hotel. Similar to Rose, Edward is backed by a team of human hotel staff members to assist when he can’t. Edward can help with everything, from requests for more towels to restaurant information. Edward is part of a larger push by both Edwardian Hotels and many other hotel brands to enhance and better...

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Robert Prigge

MEET ROBERT PRIGGE WHY? Prigge is Chief Revenue Officer at Jumio, a mobile device-based biometric facial recognition technology that leverages machine learning and can be used by travel and hospitality companies to ensure that customers are who they say they are. Leading the company’s global sales and marketing initiatives, Prigge is helping Jumio in transforming the travel and hospitality business by staying one step ahead of fraudsters, making it difficult to create fake accounts or impersonate someone. With $55 million in funding, Jumio works with a plethora of major travel and hospitality brands including United Airlines, Airbnb, EasyJet, and...

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MEET PERSADO WHY?   Ever wished something would just tell you exactly what message to put out to the world? Persado, a major provider of AI-generated marketing language for top global brands, is doing just that. Persado leverages AI and the largest database of over one million tagged and scored words, phrases, emotions, and images to formulate every variation of a message and perform experimental design against a sample audience. For leading travel and hospitality companies, Persado creates messages that inspire consumer action at unprecedented levels, at scale.   Are you an AI or machine learning game-changer in the...

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