Month: December 2017

Visit Orlando

MEET ‘VISIT ORLANDO’ WHY? Orlando, Florida is typically associated with warm weather and massive amusement parks. But did you know you can get around using an app that leverages both artificial intelligence and machine learning? Visit Orlando is the mobile app revolutionizing city travel. Launched in August 2016, the exciting app brings together the natural language processing abilities of IBM Watson and the machine learning abilities of travel recommendation engine WayBlazer. Users can ask the app questions, order tickets, discover fun and interesting things to do, and more. Visit Orlando also features exciting augmented reality capabilities to further enhance...

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Carlo Ratti

MEET CARLO RATTI WHY? Good things happen when great minds come together to innovate. Carlo Ratti, a professor in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, is one of the leaders on a major collaboration between MIT and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. Their first project? ROBOAT, a fleet of autonomous boats with the ability to navigate the canals of Amsterdam. With the project intended to transport both good and people and improve the overall function of the city, Ratti is at the forefront of autonomous boating technology and innovation and is working to dramatically transform...

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Ask Mercedes

MEET ‘ASK MERCEDES’ WHY? There are tons of chatbots in the hospitality, air, and travel planning industries – take Edward, Sam, and Rose, for instance. So why isn’t it becoming more prevalent in the automobile industry? Mercedes-Benz is changing that with Ask Mercedes, its new virtual assistant developed by IBM and Daimler AG to make learning the ins and outs of a new car easier. Beginning in December 2017 in South Africa and Malaysia, in the car maker’s E- and S-Class vehicles, drivers will no longer have to frantically search through a huge manual to get answers. Accessed through...

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Maggie Moran

MEET MAGGIE MORAN WHY?   The process of booking air travel can be long and frustrating; fortunately, we live in a time where countless individuals are disrupting the industry in exciting ways, utilizing new technologies. Maggie Moran, Head of Product at Hopper, is directly responsible for figuring out what her company’s app – which uses artificial intelligence to find customers cheap flights – needs to do next to continue transforming the way in which we plan travel. She focuses on what Hopper can do differently from what’s been done in the past, and how important the bunny mascot and...

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MEET BOTLR WHY? Imagine: you’re in your hotel room, and realize you need a few extra towels. A few minutes later, your room phone rings. You open the door and see…a robot wearing a collared uniform. The robot’s container opens, and there are your towels. This is how things work at certain locations of Aloft Hotels, where their robot butler, A.L.O. Botlr, is helping out with guest services. Botlr can take the elevator to get around the hotel, and asks for tips in tweets. Botlr has a screen so he can interact with guests, and provides support for both...

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