Some people can just look at a certain part of an industry and see exactly what needs to be done to make a product successful. CEO Adam Goldstein fits that description – shortly after graduating from MIT, he founded Hipmunk, a travel metasearch website. He saw a space in the field for that kind of metasearch platform, so he made it happen. Fast forward to November 2015: Goldstein led the company to launch Hello Hipmunk, an AI-powered travel planning assistant. What makes Hello Hipmunk stand out from so many other similar bots is that it can be easily looped in to your conversations and other aspects of life. By cc’ing the Hello Hipmunk email address, the artificial intelligence will understand when you mention flights or booking a hotel and immediately send you (and whoever you were talking to) options it finds, and can also be used through platforms such as Slack and Messenger. In addition, Hello Hipmunk can be synced to Google Calendar and actually anticipate your travel needs: by inputting where you’ll be traveling, Hello Hipmunk will analyze your calendar and send you recommended flights.

Goldstein is working hard to make travel planning less of a hassle, and sees AI as the way to do so moving forward. He says,

“Every day we look for ways to take the agony out of travel searching. We thought, why not start at the places people are already thinking and talking about travel: their emails and calendars?”


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