At the forefront of AI-based travel recommendation engines, WayBlazer has become the go-to tool for many companies in the travel and hospitality industry looking to leverage artificial intelligence in day-to-day activities and customer service. WayBlazer utilizes the natural language and computing power of IBM’s Watson to make customized travel recommendations for users, which can be seen across the industry with new technologies like Hilton’s Connie robot concierge and the Visit Orlando app. This also eliminates all of that travel planning time spent reading reviews – with WayBlazer’s technology, travelers can confidently make a decision without worrying.


WayBlazer Inc. chairman Terry Jones explains the space in the industry that is opening up for these kinds of platforms:

“A lot of brands are figuring out that customers want a better digital experience in the planning stage – and the vacation-inspiration stage – and they can help travelers. If they can do that, and provide a more personalized experience every step of the way, then those customers are going to be loyal to that brand.”


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