When the people in charge see how new technologies will help their company, exciting changes happen. Jim Holthouser, Executive Vice President, Global Brands, Marketing and Loyalty for Hilton, is one such person. Holthouser is working to enhance the Hilton customer and guest experience through exciting new technology – namely Connie, Hilton’s robot concierge making waves in the hospitality industry. Holthouser recognized the need to make the hotel experience easier on customers by eliminating things like waiting on line to talk to a human concierge in addition to the consistent need to help the hotel run efficiently. He also understands the need to retain humans alongside robots; the two have to work symbiotically to provide the best guest experience.

In Holthouser’s words,

“This isn’t about reducing staff. That’s not where our minds are whatsoever. But if you can take 100 different routine questions off the front desk, at the end of the day, it helps them answer phones faster, it helps them check people in faster, it frees them up to actually deliver hospitality.”

He adds,

“We’re on the front end of this. We’re kind of playing around with it to see how do you surprise and delight? How do you better serve customers? How to do you make the lives of our team members easier? I think you’re looking at the future.”


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