Chatbots continue to become more and more prevalent in the travel industry, and Air New Zealand has jumped on the trend. In February 2017 the airline introduced Bravo Oscar Tango, or Oscar, an AI-powered chatbot to assist in answering frequently asked questions. What sets Oscar apart from many other chatbots is that he was released early in beta form; since he learns natural language and becomes more helpful through conversations, he develops and evolves with the help of Air New Zealand customers. Though Oscar is still in a relatively early stage, the Air New Zealand team has a vision that he will one day become a personalized travel assistant for their customers.

According to Air New Zealand’s Chief Digital Officer Avi Golan,

“Over time we want Oscar to become a virtual travel assistant helping customers across every stage of the journey, with the ability to recognise who you are, inform you about your flights, make or change a booking, select seats, check you in, and offer to help sort you a taxi to the airport. There’s no doubt that AI is the future, allowing customers to better self-serve within their channel of choice, further improving the customer experience.


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