Imagine: you’re in your hotel room, and realize you need a few extra towels. A few minutes later, your room phone rings. You open the door and see…a robot wearing a collared uniform. The robot’s container opens, and there are your towels. This is how things work at certain locations of Aloft Hotels, where their robot butler, A.L.O. Botlr, is helping out with guest services. Botlr can take the elevator to get around the hotel, and asks for tips in tweets. Botlr has a screen so he can interact with guests, and provides support for both front and back of house. Botlr frees up time for human employees, who can then focus on improving the guest experience. Botlr is an example of how some hotels are pioneering exciting new technology to enhance the experience of staying in the hotels while also increasing human efficiency and ability to do more, as the bots take over more menial tasks.

According to Global Brand Leader of Starwood’s Specialty Select Brands, Brian McGuinness,

“Humans and robots can co-exist and work side by side to elevate the guest experience. Botlr has been an integral part of the Aloft Cupertino experience, and the demand from guests and associates around the world to interact with our biotic bellhop has been astounding.”


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