The process of booking air travel can be long and frustrating; fortunately, we live in a time where countless individuals are disrupting the industry in exciting ways, utilizing new technologies. Maggie Moran, Head of Product at Hopper, is directly responsible for figuring out what her company’s app – which uses artificial intelligence to find customers cheap flights – needs to do next to continue transforming the way in which we plan travel. She focuses on what Hopper can do differently from what’s been done in the past, and how important the bunny mascot and general brand look are to the success of the app.

In her words on the growth of technology in the air industry,

Mobile technology has really let Hopper get to know our users in a much more personal way. Not everyone shops for flights the same way. Not everyone looks for the same things when choosing a flight…There’s a lot of competition in the airline industry, so that ability to find, talk with, and be relevant to future travelers – especially those on mobile – is going to be important.”


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