There are tons of chatbots in the hospitality, air, and travel planning industries – take Edward, Sam, and Rose, for instance. So why isn’t it becoming more prevalent in the automobile industry? Mercedes-Benz is changing that with Ask Mercedes, its new virtual assistant developed by IBM and Daimler AG to make learning the ins and outs of a new car easier. Beginning in December 2017 in South Africa and Malaysia, in the car maker’s E- and S-Class vehicles, drivers will no longer have to frantically search through a huge manual to get answers. Accessed through an app or Facebook/other messenger services, the AI-based assistant – activated through voice – is sure to be built into these cars sooner rather than later. Bringing in AI capabilities from IBM Watson makes the chatbot easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the car. Ask Mercedes is undoubtedly the first of many intelligent virtual assistants in the car industry…after all, I think we can all agree it’s much easier to just ask a chatbot a question rather than searching through a manual!


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