Good things happen when great minds come together to innovate. Carlo Ratti, a professor in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, is one of the leaders on a major collaboration between MIT and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. Their first project? ROBOAT, a fleet of autonomous boats with the ability to navigate the canals of Amsterdam. With the project intended to transport both good and people and improve the overall function of the city, Ratti is at the forefront of autonomous boating technology and innovation and is working to dramatically transform the way Amsterdam functions. With the added ability to check water quality and other environmental factors, these boats are bound to make a splash when they are eventually introduced in the city.

In Ratti’s words,

“This project imagines a fleet of autonomous boats for the transportation of goods and people that can also cooperate to produce temporary floating infrastructure, such as on-demand bridges or stages that can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of hours.”