Month: December 2017

Adam Goldstein

MEET ADAM GOLDSTEIN WHY? Some people can just look at a certain part of an industry and see exactly what needs to be done to make a product successful. CEO Adam Goldstein fits that description – shortly after graduating from MIT, he founded Hipmunk, a travel metasearch website. He saw a space in the field for that kind of metasearch platform, so he made it happen. Fast forward to November 2015: Goldstein led the company to launch Hello Hipmunk, an AI-powered travel planning assistant. What makes Hello Hipmunk stand out from so many other similar bots is that it...

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MEET WAYBLAZER WHY? At the forefront of AI-based travel recommendation engines, WayBlazer has become the go-to tool for many companies in the travel and hospitality industry looking to leverage artificial intelligence in day-to-day activities and customer service. WayBlazer utilizes the natural language and computing power of IBM’s Watson to make customized travel recommendations for users, which can be seen across the industry with new technologies like Hilton’s Connie robot concierge and the Visit Orlando app. This also eliminates all of that travel planning time spent reading reviews – with WayBlazer’s technology, travelers can confidently make a decision without worrying....

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Michael Johnson

MEET MICHAEL JOHNSON WHY? Cars and planes aren’t the only vehicles getting automated. Boats are joining the race, too, and could be out on the open water sooner rather than later. Sea Machines Robotics CEO Michael Johnson is on the front lines of commercial marine vessel innovation. The goal of these autonomous ships isn’t to eliminate captains and crews – the ships still need human supervision from land – but to assist people, and make certain things (like cleaning up oil spills) easier. Human distraction and fatigue are real issues, and Johnson believes autonomous boats are the answer.  ...

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