Month: February 2018

Dr. Justin Barad

MEET DR. JUSTIN BARAD WHY? New technologies are helping prepare surgeons long before they step into the operating room. Dr. Justin Barad, an orthopaedic surgeon, discovered one of the most pressing medical challenges facing healthcare professionals: how to train surgeons. Originally planning to be a game developer, Dr. Barad saw an opportunity to combine both this passion for technology and his interest in medicine. This led to the creation of Osso VR, a Palo Alto-based surgical training platform that provides realistic interactions in an immersive training environment. More and more, there is less time, more to learn, and not...

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Nancy Lublin

MEET NANCY LUBLIN WHY? Dealing with crises and having difficult conversations are things all employees and companies deal with. Nancy Lublin, founder of Crisis Text Line and, is using technology to help. Crisis Text Line is a nonprofit that provides emotional support through texting. The company has used machine learning to track patterns and see what kind of support messaging works best, which has seen remarkable results. Lublin is now working to incorporate those findings into software – – to help organizations train employees for difficult conversations through AI-based empathy lessons. Right now more than ever it...

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MEET LARK WHY? Living with diabetes isn’t easy, but having someone (or something) to talk you through it could help. Meet Lark, the app that leverages AI as a coach to help you manage and work through diabetes, weight loss, and other things, depending on what you need it for. Lark has proven very effective in helping manage diabetes as well as in developing healthy life habits. Just share your goals and needs, and talk with Lark when prompted. Will more companies take after Lark and start utilizing AI and apps to make healthcare easier and more accessible? Here’s...

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MEET PERCH WHY? Hospitals and healthcare aren’t the only places new technology is changing the game. Perch is the new fitness tech that tracks exercise and movements and provides feedback, in addition to data that can be sent to coaches or trainers. Perch uses cameras to track just about everything, including things like dumbbells. With a tablet built onto the rack and facial recognition, Perch is making it easier than ever to track workouts, create new workouts, and understand movement and abilities. What do you think: if Perch was at your gym, would you use it? Speaking on the...

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MEET CORTI WHY? AI assistants for travel are becoming more and more common – take Sam and Oscar, for instance. But they may start popping up in the health sector too. Meet Corti, the Danish AI assistant helping emergency responders to more quickly and accurately detect cardiac arrest. The system is simple: Corti is enabled for Denmark’s emergency number, so it listens in alongside the responder and looks for important signals and uses machine learning to analyze words and other clues. Corti then compares the new data to thousands of other pieces of data and provides real-time recommendations, issuing...

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