New technologies are helping prepare surgeons long before they step into the operating room. Dr. Justin Barad, an orthopaedic surgeon, discovered one of the most pressing medical challenges facing healthcare professionals: how to train surgeons. Originally planning to be a game developer, Dr. Barad saw an opportunity to combine both this passion for technology and his interest in medicine. This led to the creation of Osso VR, a Palo Alto-based surgical training platform that provides realistic interactions in an immersive training environment. More and more, there is less time, more to learn, and not enough surgeons to teach. Dr. Barad hopes Osso VR can bridge that training gap and bring this part of healthcare into the future.

Dr. Barad demonstrating Osso VR technology.

In Dr. Barad’s words,


“We are in a surgical training crisis. Surgeons out in practice are now learning how to use complex new technologies and procedures on the job and putting patients at risk. At Osso VR, we are providing the platform, content and tools to bridge the surgical training gap.  Our mission is to improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies and democratize access to surgical education around the world.”