Month: March 2018


MEET SAY2EAT WHY? Imagine being able to order your favorite foods…through any digital platform you want. Say2eat is making that a reality by syncing restaurants’ existing online ordering system to other platforms like Messenger, Slack, iMessage and more, so consumers can place orders easily. With the added chatbot, ordering food is not just easier for customers, but also increases engagement with the brand. As research has found that millennials prefer messaging as a way to communicate with businesses and brands, it is important for places like restaurants to meet these consumers where they are. Don’t be surprised to see...

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The Tipsy Robot

MEET THE TIPSY ROBOT’S ROBOT BARTENDERS WHY? Robot bartenders seem to be all the rage these days. The Tipsy Robot at the Miracle Mile Shops on the Las Vegas Strip markets itself as the first land-based bar to have robotic bartenders – the specification necessary because of Royal Caribbean’s Bionic Bar, which has robot bartenders at sea. The Tipsy Robot’s robotic arms create the perfect cocktail with the exact correct amount of everything. There are human workers on standby to help as needed, but the two robots can make around 120 drinks per hour at only 60 to 90...

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Neil Grimmer

MEET NEIL GRIMMER WHY? Did you know that your DNA can actually provide insight into the healthiest lifestyle for you? Neil Grimmer, CEO of Habit, knows this, and set out to combine genetic information and new technologies to help people live a healthier life and make nutrition more personal. Habit collects metabolism and genetic data and then uses machine learning and AI to determine the user’s ideal diet. By taking the Habit Nutrition Test, you allow Habit to learn about you and form a nutritional plan based on your biology, lifestyle, and goals. Combining genetic information with AI allows...

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MEET WELLIO WHY? Eating healthier is getting easier…thanks to AI and machine learning. Wellio, a digital platform, recommends personalized recipes using machine learning and behavioral science. Over time recommendations improve, as the platform learns more about the user. The platform also connects to a local grocery store, so after selecting a personalized recipe, the user simply waits a couple of hours to have fresh ingredients delivered. On top of making healthier meals, Wellio also expands the user’s recipe repertoire – it’s easy to fall back to the same few recipes, and this platform changes that. It is not hard...

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MEET FLIPPY WHY? New technologies are dramatically changing many aspects of the food industry, perhaps most notably food preparation. Over the past few weeks it has been hard to miss the hype surrounding Flippy, the burger-flipping robot from Miso Robotics that recently made its debut working at a CaliBurger location in Pasadena, California. Flippy works as a grill cook on the line at the restaurant and is said to grill 150-300 burgers per hour, with the added benefit of consistency and, of course, not worrying about wages. Flippy learns about its surroundings and acquires new skills over time, using...

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