Month: May 2018

John Miller

Meet John Miller Why?   CEO and Chairman of Cali Group, John Miller has figured out a genius way to “stress test” new restaurant technologies. In the Group’s CaliBurger restaurant locations, the company develops its automated solutions for preparing and serving food and delighting guests. The “restaurant of the future” includes a robot burger flipper, e-sports to keep guests entertained, and facial recognition that enables fast food diners to order and pay with just a glance. He revealed his vision at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show during a panel called “The Future of...

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Meet Jevo   WHY? How do you simplify the time consuming task of making jello? Jeff Jetton, CEO of Food + Beverage Innovations LLC, thought of a revolutionary way to fix this fundamental issue. He developed the first automatic jello shot machine named Jevo. Jevo is not a typical bar machine. It thinks about the potential errors and calculates an optimal time frame to produce high quality jello-shots. Thus far, Jeff Jetton’s creation has cut down the production time of four to five hours to just 10 minute! This won’t take any bartenders’ jobs from them, but this is...

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Moley Robotics

Meet Moley Robotics WHY? “The future is served,” or at least that’s what Moley Robotics is saying. They are the first robotics team to create a fully functional robotic personal chef/kitchen. Their elegant personal chef is being released to the public this year. This kitchen robot was created within 12 months of development by Shadow Robotics, Yachtline, Sebastian Conran and Stanford University Professor Mark Cutkosky. The kitchen aims to resemble Master Chef, Tim Anderson and is equipped with a full-screen tablet and camera to learn how to recreate new recipes by watching users in the kitchen cooking themselves. After...

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MEET PIC2RECIPE WHY? Do you ever end up scrolling through post after post about food on Facebook or Instagram, and think “wow that looks so good” or “I wish I could make that?”. Well thanks to Pic2Recipe you can find the recipe or a recipe to a similar dish you like! Created by researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratory, Pic2Recipe is a platform programed to learn that has been trained to look at an image of a food dish, dissect all of its ingredients and then suggest new or other recipes for similar dishes. So next...

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