Meet Spyce


Four college engineers and a world renowned chef walk into a bar… And no one would expect what happened next. Spyce, a fast casual dining experience run by a robotic kitchen was recently created by Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Luke Schlueter and Kale Rogers, graduates of MIT. Based in Boston this stand alone store brings customers meals originating from Thailand to the Morocco. The way the robots work is simple. A fridge containing all the ingredients drop the food items into a hopper. The hopper then dispenses the food into a Wok, heated by induction for efficiency and accuracy. After 3 minutes the meal is placed in a bowl; Order Up! Everything they serve starts at $7.50, so all the costs saved from using a robotic kitchen go directly into the customers’ pockets. CEO, Michael Farid stated “the restaurant can churn out close to 200 meals per hour.” Efficient, clean, and delicious.


Here’s a quick peek on how it works!