Meet TomatoTek


Tomato, Tomahto… Right? Well some people at Woodside Electronic Company (WECO) don’t agree, and for that reason they’ve developed a sorting machine called TomatoTek. This machine’s magical like sorting skills are attributed to a high resolution optical sorting technology, which is able to relocate green and red tomatoes to their respective areas within a blink of an eye. However, all of this amazing technology should not be a surprise. WECO has been sorting through the industry since 1976. Other than tomatoes, WECO is an expert in sorting berries, nuts, corn, olives, and all SORTs of foods. This technology is invaluable for the agricultural industry. Farmers are able to reduce significant amounts of waste and inefficiencies associated with sorting and manufacturing. It would be very interesting to see if restaurants use this sorting technique in the future to provide customers with the freshest foods!

This is how TomatoTek works!