Month: August 2018


Meet Hoverglide WHY? Just in time for back-to-school season, the backpack industry is soaring into the next century — literally! Engineers from Lightning Backpacks have designed a backpack that floats! It decreases back stress on users by 86% while running and 82% while walking, reducing injuries. This backpack is a dream come true for practically anyone, from students to tech geeks. We’re looking forward to a version that can help us fly to work! Watch it in...

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Meet Kissenger WHY? “Kiss me through the phone, kiss me through the phone,” wise words from Soulja Boy. Well those words have come true with the help from Kissenger, the world’s first mobile kiss messenger! Basically how it works: sensors store how the kiss “feels,” this data is collected and sent through the internet to the receiver’s phone, then the kiss reproduced in real time to give to the receiver! Kiss your partner even when you are physically...

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Meet NeoFace WHY? Let’s face the future of security. NeoFace is battling threats with a 24/7 AI facial recognition security system.  It will be put to the test at the 2020 Tokyo...

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Meet UkuRobot WHY? What makes more sense than making a robot powered Ukulele? Basically everything, but that’s not the point! A team from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow began making the UkuRobot as a semester long project, in the end they made an amazing plunking machine! Designed to play every popular Ukulele song, Ukurobot’s most impressive tunes range from the Godfather Theme to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. Watch it play in...

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Meet MORPH WHY? Produced by Boston University, Harvard University, and Wyss University, MORPH (Microfluidic Origami for Reconfigurable Pneumatic/Hydraulic) could be the next technology used in surgery and endoscopy. This technique of fabricating soft robots uses silicon and fluid to move millimeter sized robots. Creepily enough, the first robot created with MORPH was a spider! Check out the MORPH...

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