Month: August 2018


Meet Vector WHY? Vector is the next step of house assistance. Its design, AI capabilities, and character make it the most loveable robot in the world. Vector’s HD camera system and 4 point audio microphones allow it to pinpoint where people are. If it hears something that is unfamiliar, it has the capability to investigate. This added piece of personality makes Vector more like a friend than a robot. Realistic, helpful, and fun! Take a look at Vector in...

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Popcorn Driven Robotic Actuators

Meet Popcorn-Driven Robotic Actuators WHY? Popcorn is probably the most loved snack food in the world, but what if it could be much more than a snack? Researchers at Cornell think they’ve found a way to use the “pop” from popcorn for robotics! Steven Ceron found that the mechanical energy stored within a popcorn kernel is enough to power basic robotic movements. In his paper for the IEEE convention, Ceron describes a popcorn powered “grabber” that was able to pick up apples and weights! Take that potato...

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Magic Leap One

Meet Magic Leap One WHY? Ever want to see what it’s like to be in a new universe? Now that’s possible, with augmented reality, specifically Magic Leap’s AR glasses. These goggle type glasses are equipped with technology that can change the way you look and hear the world. The technology allows natural light waves to mix with synthetic light fields that enter the user’s eyes that tell their brains they are seeing something incredible. Magic Leap One is really only the beginning to...

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Whitney Wolfe Herd

Meet Whitney Wolfe Herd WHY? Buzzzzzz. What’s that? Oh it’s just people swarming over Whitney Wolfe Herd’s mobile dating app, Bumble. Whitney is the co-founder of Tinder and the founder/CEO of Bumble. She not only made a multi-million dollar business, but she also started a movement with her women-led dating app. In the beginning, she wanted Bumble to be a social media platform just for women, but the final product is something to be truly proud...

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Game Golf

Meet Game Golf   WHY? FOUR!!! Look out for this GPS powered golf caddie and coach. Game Golf solves two vital issues associated with golf; knowing what club to use and how far the golf ball goes after a rocket hit. Their technology tracks the ball, swing speed, and location so accurately that both issues are solved with a single stroke! GPS technology in the sports industry is enabling athletes to track their stats more carefully. With procession stats, athletes and coaches will be able to fine tune their game, which will lead to fewer injuries and better...

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