Month: August 2018

Amazon Fire Phone

Meet Amazon Fire Phone WHY? Than and now… unarguably Amazon misfired on the last release of their Amazon Fire Phone, but in recent news they are rumored to entering the ring once again. Amazon Studio head, Jen Salke stated, “they actually created and sent me a prototype phone that’s in my office,” confirming the design team has made the product already! Hopefully with a successful future relaunch the retail giant could be the main competitor against...

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Meet Stuntronics WHY? With more Marvel movies and TV shows on their way, Disney’s new Stuntronics Robot is revolutionizing realism within the movie industry. Flying through the sky these robots are made to resemble real human movements and after a little CGI help, Superheros! The imagineers that made the robot have a goal to one day successfully launch their robot across a valley! Unbelievable and “Super” exciting! Watch these Super Robots in...

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