Month: September 2018


Meet Autodraw WHY? As one of the AI experiments run by Google, this program has a huge amount of potential. Autodraw works in a very simple way, users draw anything that comes to mind and the AI will search for an image on its files that represents anything similar to the drawing. Its educational value is truly modern. As a push to encourage learning through repetition, teachers and students can use this application to assist  with memory when notes are being...

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Pediatric HAL

Meet Pediatric HAL WHY? Education and learning aren’t always conducted inside of a classroom. Medical students also need to learn with patients. These students now have the opportunity to do so with HAL, an incredibly realistic robot. This robot resembles a small child and is training pediatric doctors first hand. The “boy” screams, bleeds, and reacts to most procedures as a child would. Read more about HAL on...

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Meet Avenger Hero Innovation Kit

Meet Avenger Hero Innovation Kit WHY? Avengers Assemble and teach kids how to program! Not literally. But toy creators at LittleBits are trying to inspire the next generation of programmers with their Avengers Hero Innovation Kit, which is basically a programmable Iron Man glove! Fully customizable and interactive, this glove is accompanied by an app that puts the user through multiple “onboarding” steps. When these are completed the app helps the user learn how to code. A truly heroic way to encourage...

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Tom Vander Ark

Meet Tom Vander Ark WHY? Tom Vander Ark is a true leader in EdTech and  is now the CEO of GettingSmart, an educational consulting group focused on finding innovative ways to enhance learning experiences within schools, universities and forward thinking companies. Before becoming the CEO at Getting Smart Tom served as the first Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation....

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