Month: October 2018

Dr. Scott R. Parfitt, PH.D.

Meet Dr. Scott R Parfitt, Ph.D. WHY? Dr. Scott R. Parfitt is the CEO and founder of CTI. Content Technologies Inc. is an artificial intelligence research and development company specializing in production automation, business process automation, instructional design & content application solutions. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Parfitt focuses on creating an AI system that gathers data to increase learning potential. As technology continues to advance, data and research will always be at the center of learning. Take a closer look at Dr. Parfitt’s work!  ...

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Jeremy Cowdrey

Meet Jeremy Cowdrey WHY? Co-President of Imagine Learning, Jeremy Cowdrey, has made learning and education the focus of his life. He was the first of his extended family to ever graduate college and is now the leader of a pioneering education company. Imagine Learning makes it their priority to teach language, literacy, and mathematics to the children of the world, changing lives and opening doors of...

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Meet Cubelets WHY? Building blocks just got a huge upgrade! Cubelets are the most advanced building blocks around. Three different kinds of Cubelets enable users to build endless amounts of fully functional robots. The idea behind Cubelets is to encourage the younger generation to discover and learn hands on about robotics, coding, and technology. Invention made easy!   Here’s how they work!...

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Khan Academy

Meet Khan Academy WHY? Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace. Their detailed mission guides allow anyone to learn. The topics range from the basics to complicated math, science, art, and language....

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Meet Root WHY? Made by Harvard, this little robot aims to teach young children how to code! Designed with magnets and over 50 sensors, Root’s favorite games are to follow lines, avoid certain colors, solve mazes or race along a track. These functions are all programed by the users through an interfaces called Square that allows children who can’t read yet even program....

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