Month: October 2018

George Couros

Meet George Couros WHY? George is a teacher, learner and the writer of The Innovator’s Mindset. His book drives to inspire leaders and innovators to go beyond what they know. As a teacher, he believes that his classrooms should have a distributed leadership system in place to cultivate a collaborative environment....

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Dash and Dot

Meet Dash & Dot WHY? Two witty robots are always better than one. Dash and Dot are two robot “friends” designed to interact with children in classrooms. Based on the student’s learning level, Dash and Dot can be programed by multiple different applications, some more difficult than others. Dash and Dot are perfect for encouraging creativity and education in the younger generation!...

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Meet SmartEd WHY? SmartEd’s Classroom specific platform is changing the way teachers educate children K-12. A teacher is able to grade and plan a workspace specifically for each child, based on a database of proven-effective technicals. For example, if a student needs to learn through repetition, teachers can use game style teaching methods to encourage memorization. It’s not only for kids, it ensures more effective teaching....

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Norman Bier

Meet Norman Bier WHY? Imagine a space where educational excellence and technology intersect. Norman Bier likes to call this space OLI, or Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative. He is the director of this online learning and teaching space, bringing high quality university level education online. He has created an environment where anyone can learn openly and...

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Cliff Tironi

Meet Cliff Tironi WHY? Most college students dread the day they receive their grades. Cliff Tironi is changing those moments into teaching moments. He is a Manager of Performance Analytics at the Fox School of Business, Temple University and also the co-founder of Roadmap, a report card that has been re-packaged to help students learn where they need to focus and where their competencies are. Finally a report card that will help students learn!...

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