Month: November 2018

Robotic Marketer

Meet Robotic Marketer WHY? Combining big data, data scraping, machine learning, and AI into one program will create the most comprehensive marketing blueprint for any company. This can happen with ease thanks to Robotic Marketer. Robotic Marketer is the AI program behind next gen data mining. Its in depth marketing analysis will allow any company get the edge in any...

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Meet Conversica WHY? Conversica is an automated sales assistant with a friendly personality who can identify opportunities for sales and potential online leads. The AI appears like it is a real person and enhances customer satisfaction and engagement by 35 %. In addition, Conversica can plan and prep sales calls for employers! What a great AI assistant. Watch here to see how it works!...

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Meet Lowe’s OSHBOT WHY? Customer service is an integral part of a company’s brand and marketing strategy. In 2014, Lowes announce that they have hired their first robotic sales representative named OSHbot. The Bilingual bot assists both customers and employees from navigating inventory to counting what’s in stock. OSHbot is the ultimate homebuilding assistant....

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