Month: January 2019


Meet GumGum WHY? We all know those convenient ads that are constantly following us around online and somehow end up on our phones. Now GumGum, an AI technology company, is targeting clusters of people that share common interests and online behaviors. Big brands like Disney and Samsung are using it and according to Inc. and Adweek it’s taking marketing to the next level of efficiency. Next time your on Facebook or surfing the web, try to figure out what cluster your part of. For example take a look at how the AI matched this Coke ad with instructions to...

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Meet Groundtruth WHY? Data, data, data. Yes it is creepy to track consumers and some might think it is unneeded, but data collection is the one thing that drives innovation and brands. That’s why companies like Groundtruth are so important to the market. Groundtruth provides the insights big companies need to give the consumers the stuff they WANT. And when it comes down to it, it is better to give the consumers that they want rather than what they need....

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Bill Magnuson

Meet Bill Magnuson WHY? Other than his passion for Ultimate Frisbee, Bill Magnuson has a deep passion for AI, tech, and computers. Currently he is the CEO of Braze, a cutting edge technology company that uses AI to drive engagement to brands. Unlike most AI systems he focuses on making the program as human as possible. Creepy, but it definitely works!...

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Meet Pixlee WHY? Data has shown that consumers want to interact with humans rather than robots. That’s where Pixlee comes in. Pixlee helps companies find that particular person, AKA an influencers, that will charm customers with every picture they take. It’s like a dating site for influencers and businesses!...

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