Month: February 2019

Pillow Talk

Meet Pillow Talk WHY? Distance can be a relationship killer. But that’s a thing of the past. Pillow Talk is a wristband that transfers your heartbeat in real time to a significant other’s pillow. It’s helping couples feel like their other half is never actually gone while also bringing the intimacy back into a long distance relationship. No matter how far away, with Pillow Talk, your significant other will always be right there while you sleep....

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Meet Hinge WHY? Ever go on a date with someone that is just not a match? Hinge, a dating and matching app, is making that issue disappear with their new AI technology. They are pushing their users to send match feedback after their first dates to fuel their apps AI capabilities and match success rates. After this information is processed the AI learns what classifies a “good match” for future app users. Over time Hinge plans to change from a dating app to a one and done app!...

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Meet Loveflutter WHY? When do you engage with that online crush? Even with the help of dating apps, some people don’t get the timing or phrasing just right. Loveflutter is a machine-powered dating coach (and probably more reliable than your mother)! This app not only determines if the match is “right”, but it also decides when the time is right! Sorry, mom. The bot knows better this time....

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Meet Saeran WHY? He’s a handsome man, with white blond hair, golden eyes, a large tattoo on his shoulder, but he has a large secret. He might be a smooth talker and quite charming, but he isn’t capable of loving someone. The problem being, he isn’t Human. He is a character from Mystic Messenger, a dating sim created by Cheritz. Characters like Saeran encourage the player of the dating sim to form relationships in order to win the game. Although this is just a sim, some players (coining themselves: dedicated romantic gamers) look at this as a new type...

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Meet Happn WHY? Like in real estate, location can be everything. That also applies to the dating app Happn. Happn uses location technology to show if you and another user have been crossing paths recently. If so, give them a like and see if they want to meet in real life! And don’t worry about privacy, because if you don’t want to meet them, Happn has you covered with their enhanced privacy functions....

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