Month: May 2019

Halla I/O

Halla I/O WHY? Our mothers usually suggested we try new foods, now AI is helping us. Halla I/O was created with intelligent ordering (I/O for short) to be a personal food finder. Unlike recommendations from Grubhub or OpenTable; Halla I/O suggests recipes or local food for customers to take home and love. So far, their database has over 100 million grocery orders, 350 thousand recipes, and 20 million dishes. Still a small company, Halla’s AI has the power to replace the human mom with the robot one....

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Marketing Vitals

Meet Marketing Vitals WHY? Whether adding a new appetizer to the menu or bringing back a classic drink, restaurants always want to serve customer tastes. Marketing Vitals’ software makes recommendations to restaurateurs based on 9 data parameters: Business Analytics, Chefs…meet your new robot guide!...

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Pazzi WHY? Robot pizza prep may make restaurants a lot of dough. One such restaurant is Pazzi, a French-based eatery entirely run by autonomous robots (called Pizzaiolo) created by EKIM. It will be the first pizzeria to be fully run by robots, unlike competitors Zume and Dominos, which employ more humans. Pazzi will produce fresh pizzas within five minutes. The opening is scheduled for Spring...

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Meet Starship WHY? Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day and now hundreds of college students are enjoying “breakfast in bed” daily at George Mason and Northern Arizona University, thanks to autonomous delivery robots from Starship, in a joint venture with Sodexo. Although the vehicles only travel at 4 miles per hour, the system beats getting dressed early in the morning and going out for a...

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