Month: May 2019

Eran Henig and Yishay Waxman

Meet Eran Henig & Yishay Waxman WHY? Why? Think of Platterz as a Seamless for corporate catering. Co-founders Henig and Waxman recently raised $15 million, including support from Aleph, an investor in WeWork. The Toronto- and New York-based company says that their automated solution can reduce the time spent feeding a team by as much as 90 percent. That sounds...

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Meet Alfred WHY? How many human chefs can assemble 200 bowls an hour? Four Alfreds are that productive. This innovation from Dexai Robotics is described as “the next microwave.” Not intended to replace human chef, but simply assist his or her, Alfred can increase productivity 30 to 40 percent (and could possibly the perfect sous chef, because it will never talk back or come in...

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The Ghost Restaurant

Meet The Ghost Restaurant WHY? Despite its Halloweeny sounding name, it’s a venue that only exists for the purposes of food delivery, a rapidly-accelerating category. Less expensive than a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment, it provides chefs with a place to prepare food without added labor and overhead costs. Featured recently in Forbes, this food prep alternative will soon be paired with drones or autonomous delivery. Nothing creepy about that (except, perhaps, its impact on the...

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