Month: July 2020

Are You Smarter than an Eighth Grader?

Why?   Most middle schoolers spend their summer outdoors or with their friends, but thirteen-year-old, Harita Suresh, had other plans. Due to social distancing protocols, Harita realized that she would have a lot of time on her hands. To stay productive, she enrolled in an online IBM course due to her desire to learn more about artificial intelligence. Within just two weeks of completing the course, Harita launched her own chatbox dubbed “Rita” for students who are making college plans. Rita is already being used by students, teachers, and administrators where it is accessible across platforms. It is clear...

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The Hoop You Can’t Miss On

Why?   Have you ever wanted the satisfaction of being good at basketball but never had the time to practice? The youtube channel “Stuff Made Here” has shown that all of your hoop dreams are possible. Shane Wighton has engineered a backboard that tracks the trajectory of the basketball when someone shoots. The backboard simultaneously adjusts itself to angle the ball into the hoop every time. Technology like this is sure to bring joy to the casual player who is just trying to have a fun time.  ...

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Robot Barber

Why?   The youtube channel “Stuff Made Here” is known for its wild videos, which feature inventions that utilize state of the art technology. The channel’s run by lead engineer Shane Wighton, and one video that has received a lot of attention from his recent video where Shane unveils a robot he has made capable of giving him a haircut. The robot uses facial recognition to track the movement of Shane’s face to map out how much hair to cut and from what area of his head. The technology by no means flawless; however, it is clear that we...

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Robot Room Service

Why?   Across the country, hotels are moving away from traditional human customer service and instead imploring the use of robots to boost hospitality. Room service is a staple of the hotel experience, and thanks to innovation in artificial intelligence, robots are used to deliver meals and several other services to guests. Hotels have received nothing but positive feedback from the addition of robots. Hospitality will certainly not be the only area of society that will experience a spike in automation, and it appears people are growing more accustomed to that reality.  ...

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ORII Smart Ring

MEET ORII SMART RING WHY? Hands-free is ideal when handling multiple items at once. The ORII Smart Ring takes calls, sends messages, uses your voice assistant, and all without a screen. The ring can also customize LED colors and vibration patterns for different people and notifications. It is the ideal accessory for travel, especially when managing your luggage....

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