Month: July 2020

Contactless Beverage Dispenser

Why?   Over the past few years, you may have seen some of the Coca-cola freestyle fountain drink machines at some local fast-food chains. The machine offers the consumer an array of options and combinations to choose from, and its touch screen interface made the dining experience that much more enjoyable. However, due to the spikes in Covid-19, the machine has been updated to function touch-free. One only needs to scan the code corresponding to the drink they want, and the machine will pour out the desired amount. This example of innovation illustrates the dedication that companies are making...

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JINX Umbrella Fan

Why? People spend more time outside during the summer than any other season. That being said, summer the warmest time of the year, and people are always looking for ways to cool down. The JINX Umbrella Fan seeks to fill this need, as JINX offers an umbrella that is rated UBF 50 and has a built-in motorized fan. The motor is charged by USB, and with the right adapter, the umbrella can be used as a portable charger for other devices. Whether you are sitting in the park and having a picnic or on the beach relaxing the JINX...

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AI Lifeguards

Why?   Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death in America, and with the start of summer, beaches will be flocked with more people than ever. Sightbit, however, is seeking to cut the number of drownings through the help of AI. The technology assists lifeguards in spotting people who might be drowning, hazardous conditions, or unattended children. Technology has already proven that it can provide a solution to many problems, and it looks like drowning is one of them.  ...

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Why?   The ocean awaits, and there is now a product that allows one to explore it like never before. The SeaFlyer is a motorized device that propels someone forward with just the pull of the trigger. The propellers have a unique design that draws water away from the user for a smooth ride while also featuring a quiet motor that does not scare away any wildlife that might surround the user. The SeaFlyer also features a panel that indicates the device’s depth, speed, and battery life, giving the user an immersive experience.  ...

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