Month: July 2020

Feher Helmet

Why?   The summer provides excellent weather and the opportunity for a handful of activities that suit the season. Motorcycling is a staple of transportation, and it is a common sight to see someone riding their bike on a warm summer evening. However, this summer, you may see many bikers may be sporting the new Feher Helmet. Aside from protecting one from impact, the helmet offers a built-in cooling system making it the world’s first air-conditioned helmet. Now Bikers can safely travel without worrying about their mask fogging up or their helmet overheating. The Feher Helmet creates a new...

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H20 Ninja Mask

Why?   Have you ever wanted to explore the ocean on a deeper level? If your answer is yes, then the H20 Ninja Mask might be for you. The mask features a built-in filter that filters out water and lets in fresh air. The manufacturers have made a great effort to keep the technology of the mask a secret, but it is clear that filter is state of the art. It is clear that the world of snorkeling has undergone a huge technological breakthrough, and we can expect only innovation to follow.  ...

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Meeting Owl

Why?   Due to quarantine and travel restrictions, some families and loved ones cannot get together during summer. However, thanks to Meeting Owl, families are able to video call each other in a new innovative way. The product’s 360° camera technology automatically highlights and shifts focus to different people in the room when they speak. Quarantine has shown that people can still stay in constant contact through the power of technology, and Meeting Owl shows the course video communication is headed.  ...

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IRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot

Why?   Nothing is more enjoyable on a warm summer day than relaxing in one’s pool; however, no one enjoys the process of having clean it. Thankfully it looks like no one will have to handpick leaves out of their pool anytime soon thanks to a new invention from IRobot.  The Mirra 530 uses sensors to map out the dimensions of one’s pool and manages to clean both the pool’s surfaces and water. Through the help of AI, people are now able to enjoy the luxury of a pool without the hassle of having to maintain it.  ...

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Why?   Summer is the season where people love to go to the beach or enjoy various water sports. That being said, communication between someone onshore and someone in the water is not always easy. SeaTalkie provides a waterproof walkie talkie that allows people to communicate in water as well as on land. The device is perfect for parents who want to call their children back to shore or lifeguards who wish to alert people of potential danger. The walkie talkie is secure and can either be worn through a strap or by clipping it on to oneself. SeaTalkie...

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