Month: December 2020

Robot Restaurant

The first ‘robot restaurant complex’ recently opened in the Guangdong province of China. The restaurant has more than 40 robots capable of serving and preparing more than 200 meals. Guests place their order with robot waiters who then deliver their food directly to their table using a Skyrail system or carry it by tray. The restaurant is a testimony to China’s rising robotics industry, with an estimated value of approximately $5.4 billion. This restaurant in Guangdong may have given us a look into the future as to how restaurants may look due to the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence. ...

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Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence

Gartner recently published an article titled, “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020,” that illustrates how Data Labeling and Annotation Services have grown as a vital new service area for data science teams.  The study explores key patterns, opportunities, and strategies that have impacted the market, transforming the implementation and maximizing the overall value of data and analytics within a given organization. The report offers a chart that predicts AI growth expectations over time, with Digital Ethics and Intelligent applications expected to grow the most.  ...

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AI in Everyday Life

From chatbots and digital assistants to facial recognition, our day-to-day encounters with artificial intelligence have grown over the last few years, most of us unaware of it. According to Capgemini, a company that deals with digital transformation, fifty-four percent of people engage with AI-based systems/services on a daily basis-compared to twenty-one percent in 2018. With the various products and technological discoveries that are made daily, we can almost be sure that AI will further solidify a place in society.  ...

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The pandemic has had a significant effect on the general population’s mental health, with anxiety and depression being at an all-time high. Companies such as Mindstrong are actively striving to assist people by offering services surrounding people’s mental health. Mindstrong uses AI technology to help them analyze and predict how a patient is doing. All of the care is provided remotely through one’s cell phone and can be covered by health insurance without having to pay out of pocket. Therapy happens over messaging, video call, or over the phone with a therapist on their mobile app. The app also...

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With gyms and workout spaces being restricted due to the pandemic, many people have instead looked to alter their diet to reach their fitness goals. Nuritas is a company that uses artificial intelligence and genomics to effectively predict and provide access to the most beneficial components contained inside food, called bioactive peptides. The proprietary platform of the business targets, predicts, and unlocks novel bioactive peptides from natural sources. Each peptide addresses a specific field, including muscle health, anti-inflammation, intestinal health, skincare, glucose control, and food preservation. These provide specific, practical, life-changing health benefits that help people achieve the goals...

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