The pandemic has had a significant effect on the general population’s mental health, with anxiety and depression being at an all-time high. Companies such as Mindstrong are actively striving to assist people by offering services surrounding people’s mental health. Mindstrong uses AI technology to help them analyze and predict how a patient is doing. All of the care is provided remotely through one’s cell phone and can be covered by health insurance without having to pay out of pocket. Therapy happens over messaging, video call, or over the phone with a therapist on their mobile app. The app also measures how passively you use your smartphone. Typing, swiping, and scrolling are new ways to measure things like stress, mental health, and well-being. If you type more slowly—even by a millisecond—it may mean that there is a shift in mood. AI-powered programs such as Mindstrong’s allow people to get the assistance they need in a time of such uncertainty.