Month: January 2021


Meet Nuro, an American robotics company based in Mountain View, California, founded by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson in 2016. The company was founded with the goal of building on the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence to address global challenges. Currently, Nuro is One of the leading autonomous delivery companies, dedicated to making the most of the power of technology. Nuro’s most noticeable invention has been their self-driving vehicle for local goods transportation. The days of going to the store may be behind us, with companies such as Nuro providing easy alternatives during the continuation of the pandemic....

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Japanese University uses the Power of AI to Enhance their Virtual Graduation

Large gatherings such as graduation ceremonies were put on hold for most of 2020; however, technology has allowed us to virtually carry out gatherings. The Business Breakthrough (BBT) University in Tokyo could not conduct a conventional graduation ceremony due to pandemic; instead, it used remote-controlled robots designed by the ANA group to hold a virtual graduation. Students attended the ceremony using a video-conferencing zoom function that displayed their faces on tablets attached to the avatar robots dressed in traditional caps and gowns. As graduation approaches for universities worldwide, it will be interesting to see if any adopt the approach...

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Meet the AI robot that “roasts” your Spotify listening choices

Spotify created their end of the year listening recap in 2015, and ever since then, users always look forward to receiving their summary of their listening habits of the past year. However, this past year was 2020, a year full of surprises, including a twist on Spotify’sSpotify’seport. Enter the latest snarky artificial intelligence (AI) bot that’s the internet by giving an in-depth satirical writeup of your music taste. Created by the digital publication Pudding, the bot mercilessly analyzes your Spotify account and tells you which bands you love to an awkward extent, making you question your taste in music...

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