Month: April 2021

Project Debater

MEET Project Debater WHY? Debating has always seemed to be a human-exclusive activity to participate in. Who else could challenge another person to a talking contest? A computer scientist from IBM, Noam Slonim, earned the opportunity to lead the development of Project Debater to follow up IBM’s Watson on Jeopardy. Project Debater was created with the sole purpose of winning debates. This task combines tactile elements of winning a video game and real life nuances that are necessary to successfully persuade another human. After some high-profile debates against world-class debaters, this AI has held a mirror up to human...

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Tracy Accardi

MEET Tracy Accardi WHY? As AI begins to take root in more and more industries, medical surgeries are still lagging behind in adoption. Only about 3% of surgeries in the world are being performed with the assistance of robots. Fortunately, Tracy Accardi, VP for R&D for surgical robots at Medtronic, is aiming to radically innovate the space by pushing robotic surgery into the mainstream. This will not only reduce the mental load for current surgeons, but also drastically improve surgical efficacy and remove any fearful stigmas of robotic surgery, or rather just “surgery” as Tracy wants it to be...

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