Month: May 2021


MEET OLLY WHY? AI assistants are nothing new. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri have already risen to prominence and have proven to be quite useful. However, Olly is the new AI assistant that is making waves because it has an evolving personality. Unlike its competitors, Olly can pick up on the nuances of our facial expressions, voice inflections, and verbal patterns to determine how and when it converses with us. Imagine coming home from a long day, putting your head in your hands, and hearing Olly ask if you’re feeling...

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MEET TrialJectory WHY? Even before Covid-19, humans have always struggled in the fight against harmful diseases. Cancer is probably the most notorious and one of the most deadliest. However, despite its prevalence, we still struggle to identify it in its early stages. TrialJectory gives patients the benefits of AI to empower them on their own medical journey. Patients can use the provided data to make informed data to properly evaluate all available and relevant treatment...

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Sophia the Robot

MEET Sophia the Robot WHY? The high-end art scene has, in my opinion, always been a uniquely valued space, partly stemming from the intricacies of evaluating certain works based off of their artist’s fame. But in a world adopting AI at such an aggressive rate, Sophia the Robot is pushing boundaries even further by breaking a record for selling a painting for $700,000. Sophia, with help from Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto, and her creation of a portrait is raising the question of how intrinsic and important human creativity is in artistic composition, and likewise what role will robots have...

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