Month: June 2021


MEET GTP-J WHY? Have you ever played with AI before? While most people might think they haven’t, if you’re reading this article on our website, you have. But while using AI in our lives may not feel like playing, GTP-J — the open source AI originally started by Microsoft — is giving everyone the chance to intimately play with a deep learning robot. Whether you want someone to write your college papers, program a cool idea you have, or even if you want to ask it about the existence of God, GTP-J gives you the tools to have fun...

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Rick Smith

MEET Rick Smith WHY? As the CEO of Axon (formerly TASER) Rick Smith has tasked himself with the personal mission of “making the bullet obsolete.” To accomplish this ambitious task, Rick Smith and his team have relied heavily on the use of AI and other cutting-edge technologies that enables law enforcement to utilize vehicle recognition, speech transcription, and even critical event recognition. These advancements mean less time spent struggling with challenges and more time properly and responsibly saving lives and protecting...

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Robot Paralegal

MEET the Robot Paralegal WHY? Robot lawyers and judges are still far from mass implementation, but the first major change AI brings about for legal professionals will most likely be the robot paralegal. Due to rapidly developing lawbots — AI that automates legal communication and internal processes — the paralegal may be the first to feel the squeeze of automation in the legal...

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The Robot Jury

MEET the Robot Jury WHY? Will 12 angry people soon be 12 angry bots? AI is currently being trained to analyze statements given by witnesses and determine their validity. Big law firms are even using these AI programs to simulate practice for their own trials. So far, the robots are actually right the majority of the time. But can we trust robots to determine who goes to jail and who is innocent?  ...

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MEET Shotspotter WHY? Shotspotter uses AI to triangulate exactly where gunshots are coming from and can even use license plate detection to provide a safer method for managing patrols while investigating...

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