Month: July 2021

IBM’s Tree-Carbon Tracking AI

MEET IBM’s Tree-Carbon Tracking AI WHY? One of IBM’s most recent tools is an AI that can track how much each tree can capture. Using aerial images of trees along with lidar – light detection and ranging – data, IBM is able to create extremely accurate 3D models of trees that can be used to determine the exact amount of carbon these trees, and subsequently the cities they inhabit, are capturing. This data will open the door to figuring the ideal layout and flora to maximize carbon...

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Argo AI

MEET Argo AI WHY? Ford and Lyft will be deploying the first round of autonomous driving vehicles on the Lyft network this year thanks to Argo AI. The project will only begin in Miami at first and slowly make its way into more and more cities, but this is a strong signal of where ride sharing companies and automotive manufacturers are directing their resources towards. The program will begin with human backup drivers present in the cars at first, but will transition into fully autonomous rides soon...

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Grubhub Delivery Robots

MEET Grubhub’s Autonomous Delivery Robots WHY? Good news for college students looking for a late night food delivery: Grubhub will deploy self-driving robots to deliver food on college campuses starting next fall. Thanks to their partnership with Yandex, the autonomous vehicle manufacturer, Grubhub will be heavily targeting college students eating at both on- and off- campus restaurants. Thanks to the robots’ ability to navigate pavements and crosswalks with pedestrians, more college kids won’t have to make the nighttime trek for the late night...

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