Month: August 2021

Robot Pick Up Artist

MEET the Robot Pick Up Artist WHY? If you’ve ever tried to approach someone at the bar, you may be familiar with the art of pick up lines. Many are gifted, while many others struggle. A team at digital health and wellness clinic Medzino have tested an AI designed to assist in this rough process for many. The results showed the simple coffee requests proved to be more effective as opposed to more presumptuous requests. Regardless, it is hard to tell how AI will shake up the dating scene for humans. Next time someone swipes right and asks you...

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MEET UNA WHY? Digital travel agents are nothing new, but UNA is one of the AI powered agents that acts as a one-stop-shop for people looking to get out and travel soon. UNA, unlike many of its competitors – human and robot alike – is unique because it is utilizing its data to predict trips for its customers. Once it gets enough of a feel for your travel preferences, UNA wants to be able to pitch an entire trip for you without any leg work required from...

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Affective Computing

MEET Affective Computing WHY? Affective computing is the process of utilizing biometrics in AI to detect human emotions and even someone’s state of mind. This is obviously a revolutionary application of AI, but now the law is starting to catch up and for the first time lawmakers are questioning whether this can be validly used by the government for homeland security issues. Many academics have their opinion, but this issue is most likely just the tip of the iceberg as we start to see AI’s ability to absorb, digest, and interpret data we – human beings – cannot even...

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Bug Bounties

MEET Bug Bounties WHY? Large tech companies have always utilized bug bounty programs to enlist the support of well-intentioned hackers to spot bugs in their software. Now, large companies such as Twitter, Microsoft, and Nvidia are using bug bounties to find flaws in their AI algorithms. Any hacker who can create a virus that bypasses the algorithms designed to stop them will receive a financial reward from many participating tech...

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Pentagon’s AI

MEET the Pentagon’s AI Fortune Teller WHY? I’m sure we’ve all wanted to ask Zoltar what our future has in store for us, and thanks to recent developments by the Pentagon, we might actually have the groundwork laid out for us. The Pentagon has unveiled a unique AI that can “see events days in advance.” By inputting data gathered from censors spread across the globe, this new algorithm can spit out the events that are most likely to transpire. While this is still a military tool intended to prevent tragedies from ever happening in the first place, who knows...

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