Month: May 2022

The Robot That Can Taste Salt

MEET the Robot That Can Taste Salt WHY? Needs more salt? Let the bot decide. We as humans have been able to successfully build robots that have the capability to hear and see far beyond our own abilities. But for food scientists and robot builders, the ability to give robots taste has been a challenge. University of Cambridge researchers have been able to achieve this goal, but there’s a catch. The robot doesn’t taste with a normal tongue and instead tastes with a tongue-like sensor fitted to its arm. While there are already robots out there that can ‘taste’...

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GT Sophy

MEET GT Sophy WHY? AI playing against and beating humans in video games is nothing new to players of classic games of all kinds. However, over the last couple of years, Sony AI has been training an AI named GT Sophy to play the popular racing game, Gran Turismo Sport. The AI first hit the race track in July in the time trial portion of the game where no other cars are present. Three months later, GT Sophy was able to beat human players in high-speed virtual races. While AI has proven to be successful in games like chess for many years, this new...

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