MEET the Chess-Robot Gone Wild


Robots playing games such as chess is nothing new, however, people start to take notice when robots choose a more violent approach to these friendly games. This is exactly what occurred at the Moscow Open, a chess tournament for players of all ages.

In the midst of the tournament, as a chess-playing robot was in the middle of a game with a seven-year-old boy, things seemed to take an unexpected turn. As the boy began his next move, the robot latched onto his finger for several seconds, ultimately breaking it.

According to Sergey Smagin, the vice-president of the Russian Chess Federation, these dangerous occurrences with chess-playing robots are extremely rare. But, they tend to be more common in instances of human error or a lack of understanding of the machine.

That being said, it might be smart to keep an eye on these robots the next time they want to engage in a cordial game of chess.