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MEET GPT-3 WHY? GPT-3 is an AI software program developed by OpenAI that aims to aid in autonomous writing. The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit first developed the software in 2020, but it is constantly learning more and getting smarter. Basically, GPT-3 allows you to input any text or query and it uses internet data to produce an abundance of text on the subject. More notably, this software only requires a small amount of input text to generate large quantities of text by itself. This can be useful for all kinds of content writing and research on any topic. One concern...

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AI Wins Art Contest

MEET the AI that won an art contest WHY? Back in August, the art competition at the Colorado State Fair awarded artist Jason Allen with first prize in the emerging digital artists category. The only catch was that Allen used AI to construct his work of art for the competition. Using a program called Midjourney, a project that takes text and turns it into realistic works of art, Allen was the first artist in the history of this competition to win the blue ribbon with an AI-generated piece of art. While Allen received criticism from other artists who accused...

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FN Meka

MEET FN Meka WHY? As technology in the world of music continues to progress, one of the latest advancements is AI rapper, FN Meka. With millions of followers on social media and over 1 billion views on TikTok, FN Meka is taking the world of music by storm, especially now by being officially signed with Capitol Records.  While FN Meka isn’t fully-autonomous, the robot rapper is powered by AI in order to construct lyrics and music. Created by Anthony Martini and Brandon Le, co-founders of the virtual record label Factory New, FN Meka was designed to test the waters...

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MEET DRIVER WHY? Developed by Minerva Intelligence, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based artificial intelligence company, DRIVER is an AI product that aims to add a new approach to mineral drilling and exploration. With the development of DRIVER, companies can have users input the data they have collected on certain sites and in turn, DRIVER can create a realistic and reliable 3D model of the layout of the site. Constructed by DRIVER in minutes, these 3D models can help identify certain risks, zones of interest and environmental impacts at drilling sites. As the fight for climate change mitigation and safety continues,...

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Chess-Robot Gone Wild

MEET the Chess-Robot Gone Wild WHY? Robots playing games such as chess is nothing new, however, people start to take notice when robots choose a more violent approach to these friendly games. This is exactly what occurred at the Moscow Open, a chess tournament for players of all ages. In the midst of the tournament, as a chess-playing robot was in the middle of a game with a seven-year-old boy, things seemed to take an unexpected turn. As the boy began his next move, the robot latched onto his finger for several seconds, ultimately breaking it. According to Sergey...

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