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MEET DRIVER WHY? Developed by Minerva Intelligence, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based artificial intelligence company, DRIVER is an AI product that aims to add a new approach to mineral drilling and exploration. With the development of DRIVER, companies can have users input the data they have collected on certain sites and in turn, DRIVER can create a realistic and reliable 3D model of the layout of the site. Constructed by DRIVER in minutes, these 3D models can help identify certain risks, zones of interest and environmental impacts at drilling sites. As the fight for climate change mitigation and safety continues,...

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Chess-Robot Gone Wild

MEET the Chess-Robot Gone Wild WHY? Robots playing games such as chess is nothing new, however, people start to take notice when robots choose a more violent approach to these friendly games. This is exactly what occurred at the Moscow Open, a chess tournament for players of all ages. In the midst of the tournament, as a chess-playing robot was in the middle of a game with a seven-year-old boy, things seemed to take an unexpected turn. As the boy began his next move, the robot latched onto his finger for several seconds, ultimately breaking it. According to Sergey...

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MEET NLLB-200 WHY? Recently, Meta AI unveiled their latest advancement of the No Language Left Behind project, NLLB-200. This project aims to make the translation of language easier and more accurate when it comes to languages all around the world. With NLLB-200, 200 different languages are now able to be translated much more accurately and efficiently. These languages consist of more commonly spoken dialects, as well as languages that may have been forgotten or dismissed. With this project specifically, Meta AI is keeping it open so different researchers and companies are able to expand upon its capabilities. As of...

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MEET Susan Sly WHY? According to Deloitte, women make up only about a quarter of AI professionals. Gender equity in AI is essential and Susan Sly is well on her way to making that happen. Susan is a co-founder and board member of RadiusAI, a US-based analytics company that provides real-time actionable insights for retail and healthcare businesses. Founded in 2017, RadiusAI was nominated by VentureBeat for AI innovation. Susan, who holds multiple technology-related Certificates from MIT also helps other women start and grow tech companies. Nothing artificial about Susan’s intelligence and drive!...

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MEET Overjet WHY? When you think about someone reviewing your dental X-rays, you probably picture someone in a pitch-black room staring at a computer screen. Now, this is a thing of the past with new artificial intelligence advancements from the company Overjet. Overjet is a company that has developed a way to use artificial intelligence in the reading and analyzing of X-rays for dentists, as well as insurance providers. The overall goal of this project was to have more precision when it comes to interpreting dental X-rays. As of now, the FDA has approved the use of this technology...

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